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Blog Here, Blog There

I may not be sure how to start this blog up again but I am sure of one thing...

I have too many blogs!
Over the years I have had multiple blogs for multiple purposes.  There was the one when I studied abroad in college, the one for my wedding, the one for my new marriage, the one for my students at my old teaching job, the one for my marriage after we moved (and mobile me ended), the one for my daughter (her baby book), the one for educational technology I began in my masters program, and this one!  Whew!

So now I have the goal of using this blog for education purposes... ALL of them, from technology to math curriculum.  Back to the goal of this blog: connect, collaborate, communicate with other educators.  Yes, I will keep my daughter's blog, which is where I post about our day to day, but this is my 'professional' blog so to speak.  It might take some time for content to start flowing since I am currently on maternity leave... did I mention my daughter is only 7 weeks ol…