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Blog Here, Blog There

I may not be sure how to start this blog up again but I am sure of one thing...

I have too many blogs!

Over the years I have had multiple blogs for multiple purposes.  There was the one when I studied abroad in college, the one for my wedding, the one for my new marriage, the one for my students at my old teaching job, the one for my marriage after we moved (and mobile me ended), the one for my daughter (her baby book), the one for educational technology I began in my masters program, and this one!  Whew!

So now I have the goal of using this blog for education purposes... ALL of them, from technology to math curriculum.  Back to the goal of this blog: connect, collaborate, communicate with other educators.  Yes, I will keep my daughter's blog, which is where I post about our day to day, but this is my 'professional' blog so to speak.  It might take some time for content to start flowing since I am currently on maternity leave... did I mention my daughter is only 7 weeks old?  She is a napping queen today so I was able to write and edit HTML like crazy this morning. 

So here I am, ready to blog again... in one place ... or two. :)

 Miss Natalie


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Creative Critters Geometry Project

Every year I complete a Geometry Project on Surface Area and Volume.  It is by far the students' favorite project of the year, and you will see why!  I will be uploading my past projects (see below) from students shortly so hang tight!  I love to see students' creativity come alive through this project!

Download the project description with mastery objective, timeline with dates to be filled in by the instructor, clear instructions for students, all worksheets needed to complete the project, and a detailed rubric for students here.

Here are some photos of sample projects. Click here for examples of student work.

Architecture and Area Project (Geometry)

Finally! I finished putting the final touches on my Architecture and Area project for Geometry.  My students completed this project for the first time back in March, but I was revising, reorganizing, and perfecting what I have so far.  There are so many extensions to this project, but I chose the ones I felt most suitable for my students.  Let me tell you more about this project (teacher resources at the bottom)...

Students work in pairs to build their own model home (physical model or digital model).  Not only do they use area formulas to calculate their square footage, but they also have to calculate how much it would cost to paint, tile, and carpet the home.  On top of that, I had my students do some algebra review by calculating the cost of their home, the selling price they desire, and finally the asking price.  Whew! 

Why I love this project:  The students were really into it.  Their reflections had nothing but awesome things to say about it such as, "This is the best thing…

Color Blobs Border Bundle

I did it! My first item is now posted to my TpT Store!  Check it out, download for free, and leave me feedback or suggest things in the comments here. :)

Thanks for checking it out!

Color Blobs Border Bundle