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My First EdTech Milestone!

As we begin second semester, I have decided it is time to implement some of what I am learning in my masters program into my classroom. I revamped my school website and added some technology requirements for my students. I was nervous knowing many of my students might not have access to the internet, but fortunately we have a wonderful library with many computers available to students before and after school. I also offered my computer for students to use as long as they scheduled a time with me for lunch or after school.

Today was the first posts to our class blog. I was so excited to see what the students have come up with and am looking forward to what is to come! Here are the tech requirements I have set so far...

1) Scribe: Each student will be a scribe for our class one day each quarter. The scribe will record what we do from our objective to our key concepts and then post them onto our class blog. Other students may add to a post for extra credit or answer any questions the …

Welcome to my blog

This being the first post to my educational blog, I just wanted to share a few ideas I have for this blog... but I am in no way certain where this might take me.

I am interested mostly in connecting, collaborating, and communicating with other educators. I hope to share my resources as well as my successes and not-so-much successes that I encounter as a teacher.

I believe that technology has a great impact in our classrooms and in our students' lives, and my hope is that this blog can support and encourage me as a teacher, educating myself on the wisdom of the greats before me.